Cornwall College - RETAIN

Cornwall College - RETAIN

A year-long CPD course for early career teachers

The project

This project will develop and pilot a year-long CPD course for teachers in their first three years after qualification. The CPD aims to improve the teaching of disadvantaged children, but is also intended as a potential solution to the teacher recruitment and retention crisis. Almost 50,000 qualified teachers in England left the state sector in 2014. This equates to one in 10 teachers leaving the profession – the highest for 10 years, and an increase of more than 25 per cent over five years. The stress and difficulty of working as an early career teacher means that they are especially likely to leave teaching.

Four leading providers of teacher training and Continuing Professional Development for teachers will contribute to the design and delivery of the programme: The Cornwall College Group, the Institute of Education, Edge Hill University and Birmingham City University. The course will consist of three modules:

1. Understanding the impact of socio-economic disadvantage on schools and pupils.

2. Skills and Practice: Pedagogy. This will provide teachers with an understanding of the latest evidence-based approaches to teaching disadvantaged children.

3. Professional Teaching: processes, structures and career pathways. This module will focus on helping teachers deal with the professional and organisational demands of teaching.

Why are we funding it?

The stress and difficulty associated with working as an early career teacher can make it hard for schools to recruit and retain them. This programme will seek to overcome these barriers with training specially designed for these teachers. The programme has not been evaluated previously, but the grantee is an expert in teacher education, and will use the latest evidence on effective teacher training to inform the development of the programme. The grantee will also use the latest evidence from EEF trials and syntheses to create the content of the course.

How are we evaluating it?

The programme will be evaluated by a team from Sheffield Hallam University. During the development phase the evaluation team will develop a theory of change for the programme, conduct a light-touch review of its development, and consider its readiness for the pilot. After the programme has been developed it will be piloted in 12 schools. An evaluation of this delivery phase will ascertain the programme’s feasibility, evidence of promise and readiness for a trial.

When will the evaluation report be due?

The evaluation report will be published in Spring 2018.