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EEF statement


Friday 18th January 2013

A recent press release by the National Union of Teachers claimed that “contrary to DfE claims, there is no evidence that linking pay to performance increases results. The Education Endowment Foundation – part-funded by the DfE itself – argues that the difference is "closer to zero" and it would be a folly to waste money pursuing PRP in order to drive up standards.”

The Education Endowment Foundation has taken no position on the question of Performance Related Pay in England. We have not said it would be “folly to waste money pursuing PRP in order to drive up standards.” So it is wrong of the NUT to suggest that the EEF supports its opposition to performance related pay.

The NUT has quoted from a summary that we have published of existing – largely US – research on performance related pay. The Toolkit notes that the evidence so far is not conclusive on PRP, and the summary also points out that: “The UK evidence offers a cautious endorsement of approaches which seek to reward teachers in order to benefit disadvantaged students by recognising teachers’ professional skills and expertise.”

Until fuller research on the impact of PRP in England is undertaken, it is not possible to reach a definitive position on its impact.


Addendum: The Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit was updated on 25.01.13 and can be viewed here.