What Works Network

What Works Network

In March 2013, the EEF and Sutton Trust were jointly designated by the Government as the What Works centre for improving education outcomes for school-aged children. 

We joined the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) as pre-existing centres. In addition, four new centres were announced in the areas of ageing better, crime reduction, local economic growth, and early intervention. Together the centres form a 'What Works Network'.

The What Works centres will summarise and share research with local decision-makers, helping them to invest in services that deliver the best outcomes for citizens and value-for-money for taxpayers. 

In the EEF's case, decision-makers include teachers and school-leaders, parents and governors, researchers and policy-makers. They are the primary audience for our Teaching and Learning Toolkit, an accessible summary of educational research which provides guidance for teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. 

The EEF continues to be independent of government, with our Board of Trustees drawn solely from our two founding charities. The designation of the EEF as a What Works centre does, however, place us at the forefront of the promotion of evidence based practice in education. 

The EEF and the other centres will engage with government to inform national decision-making, and we will aim to ensure the evidence gathered from our grant-making is put to practical use to improve children's educational outcomes.